In May 2017, John and Nicola took to Seville, Spain to visit the family run factory in which our beautiful Spanish Leather and Suede boots are manufactured. This region of Spain, Andalucia, is where some of the finest leather is sourced and produced into these high quality boots, hand crafted with great attention to detail and care.

Valverde has shown consistent quality in shoemaking since the 19th century. In 1873, the first shoemaker from Valverde won ‘Best Shoe’ at the International Exhibition in Vienna. Today, the shoe industry has developed vastly. From the complex hand-crafting in the shoemaker’s homes in 1912, to the introduction of sewing machines to simplify the production process while still maintaining high standards of care and quality. It was great to meet the talented leather cutters and seamstresses who hand make all of our leather and suede products. There were many similarities between our work room above the shop and this small family run factory in Spain, it was fascinating to see the old tools working so well alongside modern machinery.

Take a look at some of the images of the hand cutting tools and sizers below: