Original Upcycled Mini Bar


A little something we’ve been working on…. We’re passionate about the great outdoors and country life, and passionate about the essentials to take with you! Campbell’s upcycled mini bar. Made in the UK.  Glasses are included but not the whisky and ginger beer!

Made in the UK

Please note that due to the Jerry can being upcycled, the paint on the metal work on the inside of the door, surrounding the plaque with the Campbell’s logo on, may have imperfections. This is because before we upcycle them, they are powder coated on the outside and spray painted through the spout and the cans rotated to coat the inside, which we have no control over. Please see image in the gallery for an example of this.

If purchasing this product on back order we will have it made and sent in 4 – 6 weeks. Shipping will be calculated at checkout.


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