Lady Grouse Shooting Socks


Campbell’s of Beauly are proud to announce the arrival of the new ‘Grouse Shooting Socks’ perfect for blending into the moor. These socks have been exclusively designed and made in Scotland  for Campbell’s of Beauly, just in time for the Glorious Twelfth. With a fun and decorative top these socks are truly unique, adding a quirky touch to the traditional shooting kit.

The Glorious Twelfth marks the 12th day in August – the first of the 121-day-long red grouse shooting season in Great Britain. The red grouse is a native UK species, making it a particularly special animal to shooters across the world with punters travelling from far and wide for the chance to shoot the grouse on British Moors and Estates.

These socks are carefully constructed and hand linked in the Scottish border town of Hawick – famously known for their high quality of yarn and knitwear. Hawick’s contribution to the textile industry dates to the 1600s, specialising particularly in socks, wool and linen. The talented skills of the workers in Hawick has been sourced by many global designers, and we are delighted to stock some of their craft in Campbell’s.


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